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New Man Market

This market was built by the communist regime, as a model market,to serve,for   their “New Man” somewhere in the 80’s,Still standing but dirty and forgotten like a…

altitude 2000 meters

Transfăgărășan Road

Closer to the Eagles,than ever   “”The Transfagarasan (trans [over, across] + Fagaras) or DN7C, also known as Ceausescu’s Folly, is a paved mountain road crossing the southern…

Abandoned chairlift

One love Gathering

One love Gathering It s happening now , 1-7 august One love Gathering is unmissable , free entry , no network , amazing community and on top of…


Flowers and People

“EVOCATION Earth, 114 million years ago, one morning just after sunrise: The first flower ever to appear on the planet opens up to receive the rays of the…


Winter has come in Bucharest

Slowly but surely winter has come in Bucharest. Prepare yourselves for the snowflakes that are about to drop on your caps and scarfs. Wrap your bodies into warm…

Flowers of the Mold

Street People

  He who knows how to be poor knows everything. Jules Michelet                                …

young basques

Young Basques

waiting for the bus

Waiting for the Bus

doamna din tramvai

Lady in the Bus