Romania during  WWII
Romania an ally of the British Commonwealth, France, Russia and Belgium in the Great War was occupied by German forces in 1940 and unwillingly became a satellite of the Axis Powers (Germany Italy an Japan) until  the Soviet  military occupation in 1944, when again it joined  forces with the Allies.

 Bucharest War 2 Cemetery

The Romanian oil fields were vital for the Germans in their strategy, as were the lines of communication supplied to sustain the heavy bombing attacks  by aircraft that happened during the summer of 1944 on the Mediterranean Allied Air Command launched from military bases in Italy.

About 30 km away from Bucharest Wold War II Cemetery
The 90 graves in this cemetery are except for two soldiers and a merchant seaman those of airmen killed in the operations described above.Originally buried in various parts of Romania their remains were gathered into the war cemetery after hostilities ended.

WAR WORLD 2 burials

By countries the burials comprise:
U.K -80

War 2 Cemetery