Built by Carol the I of Romania, between 1900 and 1906, the little mosque is located inside a Bucharest central park with the same name. It was first used in 1906 and it is the oldest gathering place for Muslim people showing a tolerating policy by the royal court of Romania towards religious minorities.


In 1947 the park was renamed “Parcul Libertatii” and the year 1960 also brought important changes to the place. The mosque, also called a “geamie” in Romanian, a word that was taken over from Ottoman Turkish, was disassembled from its original place and moved 1 km away. Then it was rebuilt behind the buildings.


Mosque Hidden behind Buildings

According to the Great Mufti`s Office to Muslim Community in Romania starting  with 1987 the mosque`s Imam had been named Aziz Besir Osman, born 15 March 1941 in Techirghiol, Romania, married with Safet since 1964, and father of four children, following Iman Geafar Sami.


The Khutba is held in both Turkish and Romanian.

Turkish and Romanian

The little mosque can be now spotted from behind a shop. In the year 1990, a praying room was added.

Muslim Praying Room