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Lynchian mansion - the garden

Lynchian Mansion for cinematic pictures

Coincidentally enough this year some of us will have been mesmerised by the return of the Twin Peaks masterpiece, but until then we are showcasing here an abandoned…

1980 It started in Gdansk. 1989 It ended in Bucharest

Solidarity on Walls

It is hard to believe that twenty-seven years ago, on December 19th, Timisoara, the western Romanian city, saw a mass workers strike at the now famous Elba factory….


Winter has come in Bucharest

Slowly but surely winter has come in Bucharest. Prepare yourselves for the snowflakes that are about to drop on your caps and scarfs. Wrap your bodies into warm…

Warthiadi Manor from the Inside1

The Warthiadi Castle

  On our first quest, we chose a historical location outside Bucharest, namely the Warthiadi manor. This site used to be included in school field trips in the…

Take a Peek EN

Bucharest Take a Peek is a personal project aiming to bring wanderers from all over the world and from its native location to places they have never explored…

manastirea chiajna

Chiajna Monastery

Chiajna Monastery and its site could be considered a quite popular mystical destination for some locals from around Bucharest or even Romania, due to the fact that is…


Mosque Hidden behind Buildings

Built by Carol the I of Romania, between 1900 and 1906, the little mosque is located inside a Bucharest central park with the same name. It was first…

Henri Alexis Brialmont


Belgian general Henri Alexis Brialmont: “A fortified Bucharest would increase the military importance, so that the country could participate in a war or could refuse participating or ask…


The Devil Tarot Card

The fatality of Evil comes with reversing the Devil Tarot card. Although the upright card signifies unhealthy behavior, harmful bonds or being at crossroads in life, when you…

Flowers of the Mold

Street People

  He who knows how to be poor knows everything. Jules Michelet                                …